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A big thanks to Jon who first alerted me to this one.

When Colleen is talking to Pickett and they are whispering, you can barely make out what they are saying. I then watched the scene with the closed captions turned, and noticed that they were writing out some of what was said during that convo. It goes like this

Colleen: They have a boat. Ben wants us to take the Galaga and retrieve......(continues indistinctly)
Pickett: Okay be careful out there.
Then Pickett kisses her on the cheek.

So it appears they have a boat or maybe an underwater vessel. That would shed some light on all the questions in the forums about how they get there so fast , and how they snuck by Sayid and Jin who were watching for them coming on the shore line.

Answered on 26th October 2006 : Click here for Answer

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